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Sophie has a revised Dance Schedule to share for this week

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

🤩🤩 Join Sophie (WHO TEACHES DANCE AT APPLE) at our Little Club classes this week 🤩🤩 Here are the details of our classes this week: -  🤩🤩 Wednesday 3rd June 🤩🤩 10am LITTLE SHAKER (ages 2 - 4) ZOOM MEETING ID 814 7935 1673 12.15pm LITTLE CLUB STORYTIME (ages 18months - 4yrs) FACEBOOK LIVE! 4pm LITTLE PERFORMER (ages 3 - 8 plus kindly see below for more details) ZOOM MEETING ID 878 9748 5660 ___________________________________________________________ 🤩🤩 Friday 5th June 🤩🤩 4.30pm LITTLE PRINCESS TIME (ages 3 - 8) FACEBOOK LIVE! 6pm LITTLE CLUB QUIZ (all welcome - especially parents) FACEBOOK LIVE! ___________________________________________________________ Our LITTLE PERFORMER theme on Wednesday 3rd June is MICKEY MOUSE CLUBHOUSE! Children's info: What do you need this week? 🤩Your favourite toy (plus a few more!) 🤩WEAR SOMETHING RED! Please also ask your parents to help you listen to the song 'We're Having a Picnic' as this will be our Clubhouse tune in this week's Little Club class.

Here are the lyrics... Hot dog We're havin' a picnic It's sure to be lots of fun Can't wait to be with all our friends And eat hot dogs on a bun Hot dog I really love picnics I love picnics too Picnicing with all my friends That's my favorite thing to do, to do It's Mickey and Minnie's 'Best Buddy Day!' Let's help them have the BEST day ever and join in the fun!

See you on Wednesday and Friday! FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE VISIT OUR WEBSITE I can't wait to see you all, back @ Apple Daycare soon :) Sophie.

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