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Oxlease House Team

Get to Know Us

Charlotte Blackwell.jpg



@ Oxlease House

Level 3 Early Years Educator

Paediatric First Aid 


I like to get my nails done once a month, spend time with family and friends, and babysitting

I once broke my ankle and didn’t even realise it was broken until a Hosptial check up.

Georgeta Socoteanu.jpg


Level 3 Practitioner

Level 3 Early Years Educator

Paediatric First Aid

Georgeta Joined us in November 2021 and speaks Romanian and English 

Georgeta enjoys spending time with her family

Jade Rust.jpg


Angel Practitioner

Level 3 Early Years Educator

Paediatric First Aid

Jade is an Angel Practitioner who is based mainly at Oxlease.

Jade enjoys baking in her spare time.

Alfa Parvin.jpg


Angel Practitioner

Paediatric First Aid

Alfa is based mainly at Oxlease House.


In my free time, I enjoy reading, when I'm reading, I completely relax and find myself in another world. Reading books helps me creatively when I'm writing. It helps me to think outside the box and use my imagination.

Abbie Collison.jpg



@ Oxlease House

Level 2 Food Hygiene and Safety

Paediatric First Aid

Abbie has been with us since July 2023 and works across all settings.

I spend time with my nieces and nephews as well as my boyfriend. I also do cheerleading.

I frequently fall out of the air when cheerleading, but it’s okay I still have all my common sense in tact!




@ Oxlease House

Level 2 Nursery Assistant (Training towards)

Abbi joined us in May 2024 and works across Oxlease House and Roe Hill Hall.

When I'm not looking after children at Apple Daycare, I like to bake and dye my hair all different colours. 

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