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Daily Routine @ The House

Where Children Matter

The joy of working with young children is that every day is different.

I follow a daily routine, in order that the day runs as smoothly as possible and to help the children feel safe and secure.

This routine depends on the individual needs and ages of the children and may also include visits to toddler groups; the children’s centre; the library or trips to the zoo. 


Here is an example of what our day might look like:


For the Under Twos @ The House:


8:00 - Breakfast: Selection of Cereals (Cheerios, Weetabix, Shreddies) followed by toast and water

9:00 - Child led: toy kitchen and a selection of toy food ,how many items can we count into our baskets? Large bricks and animals to categorise. Various books with number rhymes and counting. Baby toys sorting and counting.

9:30- Adult led; Good morning song and circle time. followed by Hartbeeps with Lucy

10:00 - Snack: pears,oranges and raisins and rice cake followed by water

10:00- Outside play; tough trays with boats to count , balls to sort into colours too. big bikes and little trikes .

10:30 - Child led : Small duplo, how many can we categorise into one group?? soft play, how many towers can we build before a friend knocks them down?!

11:30 – Lunch: buffet lunch: Bagels with ham cheese salad and mini sausages, followed by a yoghurt and water

12:00 - Quiet time: calm baby sensory music and lights with books...

12:10 - Sleep until .....14:38...

14:00 – Snack: melon and biscuits followed by water and Juice

14:15 – Adult led: counting and sorting farm animals ,talking about numbers 6 to10.

14:50 – Child led: wooden bricks, counting 678910, puzzles, happy land counting the people, dressing up clothes.

15:30 – Child led: Musical tidy up time, then musical instructions can you follow the routine?

16:00 - Dinner: pasta Cabanara with hidden vegetables, followed by a biscuit and water.

16:30 - Child led play

17:30 - Quiet Time with books and soothing music.

For The Over Two's @ Newgate Street & The Cricket Club

8:00 - Breakfast: A selection of cereal followed by toast and water or milk

8:30 - Child Led: Counting backwards for a space mission! - Children to match the numbers to the planets. Practitioners to support with number recognition. Area to be set up as part of the role play. Sensory play – Hickory Dickory Dock - Children to explore the different character elements of the number rhyme. Practitioners to teach the rhyme, highlighting the numbers on the clocks.

9:30 - Adult Led: Circle time - The theme of the week is 'Counting 6-10'. The sound of the letter is 'Pp... Pp is for...?'

10:00 - Snack: Apple, satsuma and breadsticks with water or milk

10:30 - Adult Led: Impact Sports with Joe!

11:30 - Lunch: Tomato soup with crusty bread and a side salad followed by water and a muffin

12:30 - Quiet Time: Mindfulness - Encouraging the children to use their listening and attention skills to identify sounds within the calming environmental noises.

13:00 - Child Led: Funky Fingers – 1,2,3,4,5, Once I Saw a Fish Alive - Children to use tweezers to count out the correct number of fish to put into the sorting bowls. Practitioners to support with counting and tweezers. Small World Play – There Were 10 in the Bed - Children to play using the rhyme as a starting point. Practitioners to encourage the play, link to own experiences, sing the rhyme, encourage counting of people and other items in the area

13:45 - Adult Led: Outdoor play on the tennis courts/ Trip to the park!

14:30 – Snack: Melon and a cracker with water or milk

15:00 – Child Led: Listening and attention games with the parachute!

16:00 - Dinner: Pasta Carbonara with hidden vegetables followed by a biscuit and water

16:30 - Child led play

17:30 - Quiet Time with books and soothing music.

I provide a hot home cooked meal every night for those who require it. See fees page for prices.

• Menus will be displayed weekly.
• Fresh drinking water and Juice is available at all times.

Babies under 12 months will need to have their formula sent from home. I am happy to cater for their dietary needs or give food provided.

For meal menu examples see the Nutrition pages or click here

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