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Pre-School, After School Club & Holiday Club @ Newgate Street Hall

Newgate Street has become an incredible asset to Apple Daycare since we started there in 2015.

When the space became available we used the space as our Holiday Club,

to provide continuity of care for those children who had left Apple and gone to school.

However, it very quickly became the epicentre of our vision. Care is provided for Children aged two to five years

[the term after the child's 5th birthday].


We now provide care all year around there and it has

allowed us to explore an enormous variety of activities for the children to experience daily.

Each day we have visiting teachers and coaches who lay on activities such as: Gymnastics, Little Club (Sensory Music & Dance) and Sports

[not necessarily at the same time].

[for the full list see the coaches page]

We have access to incredible facilities for an Early Years setting, including tennis courts, playing fields, the park, not to mention the huge indoor space the hall offers, so we are unrestricted by mother nature all year around.

Newgate Street is managed by Sammie who holds a Level 6 BA[Hons] in Special Educational Needs and she is ably assisted by Kara who is Trainee Manager, and Mia and Mollie as trainee deputy's.  The other members of staff are L3, L2 and apprentices training for L2 and L3. We have two in-house chefs who are Gemma and Karen who prepare a variety of fresh home cooked meals each day and many baking activities with the children. We have Georgeta who is a qualified early years teacher, providing outstanding learning opportunities for all the children.

Our teachers provide learning plans for the children individually which extends the learning for those excelling in the younger age groups and for those due to graduate to school at the end of their time at Apple and for those with Specific Educational Needs. We embrace diversity and recognise the benefit to our whole community to live, learn and play together.


There are areas of development that the government expect children to be supported in.

These prime areas include; Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Physical Development Communication and Language Development, Specific areas Include: Maths, Creative Learning, Expressive Art and Design, Understanding of the World and Literacy.

We as practitioners will incorporate all of these areas of learning into each child’s daily routine, giving each child the opportunity to develop in every area at their pace.

At Apple Daycare we believe, during the holiday season, the most important thing for young people is: Personal Social, Emotional Development and Physical Development.

Although we incorporate all of the other areas of learning. We tailor our activities for holiday club to life outside. Building camps, orienteering, outside games and sports, visits to local parks and woodland walks, Fishing, paper boat racing and much more.

We encourage a mixed age group where younger children will learn from and feel valued by the older children and the older children learn empathy and responsibility whilst in the company of the younger ones.

We make sure that all activities are tailored to be age and stage appropriate.

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Activity Itinerary

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