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8am Breakfast

Cereal &/or toast


10am Snack. 

This is served as a Rolling Snack table. The children are encouraged to make their own choices to promote independence.

 Fruit (water melon- Chopped Banana- Apples- pears- Strawberry’s) rice cakes.


11.30am Lunch

Is usually a buffet selection where children are encouraged to make their own healthy choice.

In addition to the daily Menu / Carrot sticks- Sliced sweet pepper-Chopped Tomato- Sliced Cucumber.

Desert – Yogurt- Fruit- biscuit and cakes are available.


2pm Snack.

This is served as a rolling snack table. The children are encouraged to make healthy choices to help promote their independence.

(Water Melon- Chopped Banana- Apple- Pears- Grapes) Bread sticks or fruit Loaf.


4pm Evening Meal. This meal is usually served to the children.

In addition to the evening meal, fresh Vegetables- Potatoes and Salad are available.

Desert- Yogurt- Fruit- Cake and Biscuits are available.

Supper menu examples

Week 1 

• Monday- Braughing sausages, Mashed potatoes, seasonal vegetables
• Tuesday- Roast chicken, Roast potatoes, seasonal vegetables, Gravy
• Wednesday- Pasta Bolognaise.
• Thursday- Grilled chicken or lamb, Jacket Potatoes, vegetables and Gravy or salad.
• Friday- Fish, (What ever looks nice) Home Made chips, (deep fried in rapeseed oil) 

Salad or veg.

Week 2

• Monday- Masaman Curry- Rice- Vegetables
• Tuesday- Sausage Casserole- Mash potato
• Wednesday- Chili Concarne. - Rice, salad
• Thursday- Chicken Kebab- Salad- Homus and Wraps 
• Friday- Pizza- Chips- Chicken/Fish Gougons- Salad

Week 3

• Monday- Pasta Bolognaise or Carbonara
• Tuesday- Shepard’s Pie and Vegetables
• Wednesday- Chinese Curry with rice
• Thursday- Kofta-Pitta-Salad
• Friday- Sausages- potato wedges- beans- peas- sweetcorn

Parents are always welcome to provide food prepared at home for their child.

Please make sure that food prepared at home is handed directly to a staff member and not left in a bag.


All food prepared at home MUST BE NUT FREE.

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