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Re: Closures for Polling Day: Thursday 4th May 2023

Please note this only affects Children who attend:

· Oxlease House

· Lemsford Village Hall

· Roe Hill Hall &/or

· Newgate Street Village Hall

on Thursday 4th May 2023 Welwyn Hatfield Town Council require the exclusive use of the Halls as Polling Stations, and Apple Daycare will be closed for the day.

The Dhoon will remain open as usual.

Please note that this is a circumstance, which is outside of Apple Daycare Ltd’s control. We are forced to close for Polling Day. We are not able to rent any of the other local Halls as they are also being used as Polling Stations.

We are sorry for the inconvenience but will be open as usual on Friday the 5th May 2023.

Kindest Regards,

Samantha Baker

Head of Nursery

Apple Daycare Ltd

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