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How to soothe sunburn using homeopathy and protect with clean sunscreen

by Carolyn Howgego, BS (Hons), BA (Hons), LCHE

We hope you enjoy Carolyn's latest blog, which is the last in a series of articles which offers alternatives to "Modern Medicine".


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Using homeopathic remedies can soothe sunburn but it’s best to prevent with clean sunscreen

The summer is finally here and it’s been scorchio in the UK recently. So in the hope that we see some more sun over the next month, I thought this would be the perfect time to let you know how homeopathy can soothe sunburn.

We’re all well-educated now about the damage over-exposure to the sun can do to our skin, but it can be difficult to make sure that children are always fully protected when they’re wriggling like a greased piglet as you grapple with them to reapply that sunscreen again!

Top tip for applying sunscreen to kids

· Try a sunstick instead of a spray or cream. This will encourage them to do it themselves. They use it like a colouring crayon and might actually enjoy colouring themselves in! And a stick is much less damaging to the environment than a spray.

I usually give top tips for self-help here but I’m going to assume you have a basic knowledge of how to look after your child in the sun. If you’re unsure, there’s some good advice here.

But I will just say a word on sunstroke. This can happen when your child gets overheated in very hot weather, and often when they’ve overexerted themselves in the heat. Signs of sunburn include very hot skin, feeling sick, a headache, a high fever and a racing pulse. This is serious and you need to seek medical attention.

Number one remedy for sunstroke - Belladonna

On your way to seek medical help, give the homeopathic remedy Belladonna if your child has a high fever, they feel hot, their skin is red and burnt and they may also have a throbbing headache and even seem a little delirious. In this instance, give Belladonna in the highest potency you have such as a 200c or 1M and give it frequently, every 5-15 minutes until the heat and fever are reduced.

Natural sunscreens

I recommend eco-friendly, reef-safe, non-toxic suncare that is sweat and water resistant, prevents ageing and burning (contains UVA and UVB), as well as being nourishing and hydrating to the skin. But should your child become sunburnt here are the top three homeopathic remedies to help.

Top three homeopathic remedies to soothe sunburn

1. Sol

This is great for mild sunburn and prickly heat. But it can also be used preventatively; give it to children who are susceptible to burning, twice a day for the first few days of a holiday in the sun. All other advice about preventing over exposure still applies though!

2. Belladonna

As I mentioned earlier, if your child has more serious sunburn, their skin is very hot and red, the burn can even feel like it’s throbbing, and they feel overheated, try Belladonna.

3. Apis

If there is any swelling after being in the sun, or the skin looks puffy try this remedy. Your child may also complain of stinging or burning pains.

I hope these remedies help if you need them, but most importantly, enjoy the summer safely with your family. I really hope you have some time to relax in the warmth of the summer sun with your little ones. Here’s my summer love letter if you fancy some easy reading – snippets on delicious alcohol-free summer tipples, gorgeous hand-beaded jewellery fit for the beach, and the healing properties of the sunflower you never knew! Do sign up to my seasonal love letter if you’ve enjoyed reading these blogs.

Carolyn Howgego is a fully qualified homeopath with 15 years of experience of treating babies, children and adults. She owns Carolyn Howgego Homeopathy where she sees clients of all ages, from the UK and internationally, over Zoom. Go here to book a FREE Discovery Call with Carolyn, or a full consultation.

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