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Happy 2021 & Welcome Back to Apple Daycare!!

Just short note to welcome you back to Apple Daycare and to assure those who may have missed our eNews before Christmas that we are back to look after your amazing children from 07:30 tomorrow morning!! 4th January 2021. [BTW the "O" stands for: "Oh my goodness it's EARLY!!"].

Now I am sure everyone has seen, listened to and probably read about New Variants etc of C-19, and how transmissible it is, and whilst the BBC in particular have their knickers in a twist, we should like to point out that since Coronavirus first landed in the UK, we at Apple Daycare have not had a single positive test, from either a child or an adult working with the children. Whilst you have been celebrating Christmas, Lawrence has treated all of our settings with Zoono (as used by Network Rail & TFL: which when tested November 2020, on the London Underground resulted in no traces of C-19 found on any surfaces).

In addition, we have procured Covid-19 Antigen Rapid Swab Test kits which give a positive or negative test result within 15 Minutes, should anyone with symptoms like to know immediately if they have C-19, we can offer you a test for £20.

Each individual test kit includes

• 1x test cassette

• 1x sterile swab

• 1x sample extraction tube

• 1x dropper tip

• 1x package insert

• Full instructions

• All packed inside a sealed test kit wallet

Product Overview:

• Easy to use and read

• No specialist equipment needed

• CE Certified

• For detecting viral SARS-CoV-2 nucleoprotein antigens

• Test materials: nasopharyngeal or oropharyngeal swabs

• Test results after 15 - 20 minutes

• Diagnostic sensitivity: 97.04%

• Leading British brand

• 1 x antigen test

The Panodyne COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test Kit (nasopharyngeal swab/oropharyngeal swab), which has gained CE certification, is intended for Health Professional Use to help identify whether, for example, patients and those in social care settings (at the time of testing) have COVID-19 (Coronavirus) – even if no obvious symptoms are present. It’s quick and accurate. The point of care test uses a nasopharyngeal swab/oropharyngeal swab sample to detect the presence of the antigen produced by the body’s immune system, and a positive or negative result is visible within 15-20 minutes of testing, with accuracy of up to 97.04%.

Whilst the test kit works very quickly, requires no specialist equipment, is easy to use, and test results are easy to read, the manufacturers recommend that the kit should be administered by medically trained personnel. Also please note that if you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms, you must follow Government guidelines in terms of isolating and testing. The results will inform you of the following, although please be aware that if the C line does not appear, the test is invalid.

There is 1 negative and 1 positive result:

Negative Result: If only the quality control line (C) appears and the detection line (T) is not visible, then no novel coronavirus antigen has been detected and the result is negative.

Positive Result: C and T - if the quality control line (C) and the detection line (T) appears, then the novel coronavirus antigen has been detected and the result is positive. You currently have COVID-19.

It is recommended that you watch the video prior to administering the first test.


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