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Closing all settings today: due to Snow

We have tried to open this morning, however we are struggling to staff our settings. There are a number of factors which we have had to contend with:

  1. Many of our staff have children of their own and their children's schools have closed for today. These staff cannot work today.

  2. Our car parks which are council owned have 6"-8" of snow on them, with no prospect of them being cleared today.

  3. Our food deliveries have been delayed or cancelled altogether.

  4. The roads our staff live in are not gritted and are now blocked with abandoned vehicles.

We have managed to open all our settings bar the House today... but we are struggling on with a skeleton staff. We do not have ratio space for everyone due in today.

There comes a point where I have consider the safety of the staff and children alike and I have to make the difficult decision to close all settings today.

Therefore we will closing all settings today with immediate effect. If you have brought your children in today please collect them asap.

I am sorry and this is the first time in twelve years we have had to do this because of snow.

We will try again tomorrow. Please note a decision about tomorrow will be made by 6pm this evening. But in the event conditions worsen or improve, over night please check you email before travel in the morning as we may have to revise our decision (blog will go out by 07:00 if required).

kindest regards

Samantha Baker

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