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Clearing conjunctivitis – a natural solution

by Carolyn Howgego, BS (Hons), BA (Hons), LCHE

We hope you enjoy Carolyn's latest blog, which is the fourth in a series of articles which offers alternatives to "Modern Medicine".


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Having a natural solution to clearing conjunctivitis quickly and easily is great to know for any parent, as it’s such a common infection.

Also, the NHS has recently announced 35 conditions that it will no longer be issuing drugs to treat in mild to moderate cases, and conjunctivitis is one of them. So, empowering yourself using homeopathy to clear conjunctivitis is a great idea right now.

Most parents will recognise the classic signs of conjunctivitis, or ‘pink eye’ as it’s sometimes called: sore, red eyes with a sticky, yellow, thick discharge that can make the eyelids stick together, particularly on waking.

These symptoms are caused by a bacterial infection of the conjunctivae - the transparent membranes that cover the eye - or sometimes by allergies.

Five top tips for clearing conjunctivitis at home

· If your child has sticky eyes when they wake up, use a saltwater solution (one level teaspoon to half a pint of warm water) to wipe the discharge from their eyes very carefully. Use a clean cotton wool pad for each eye. If you’re breastfeeding, you can use breast milk to do this.

· Buy Euphrasia mother tincture from a homeopathic pharmacy and add 10 drops to your saltwater solution. Bathe the eyes every four hours up to four times daily.

· Make sure your child washes their hands frequently to prevent reinfection.

· Be scrupulous about washing your own hands after bathing your child’s eyes.

· Give your child their own towel/flannel to prevent spreading the infection to others in the family.

When to see your GP

· If your child develops severe pain in their eye, especially if they’re affected by bright lights, or they’re finding it hard to see/their vision becomes blurred - these are signs of a more serious infection.

· If an eye infection develops in a newborn it’s always best to take them to your GP.

Top five homeopathic remedies to clear conjunctivitis

These are the remedies that I use most often in conjunctivitis. Find the remedy that matches your child’s symptoms most closely and give them one 30c pillule, three times daily for up to five days. If a remedy doesn’t work after a few doses, try another, it may be a closer match. There are no side effects from homeopathic medicine so there’s no risk of trying a remedy that doesn’t work.

If symptoms change, change the remedy. If the infection hasn’t cleared after five days take your child to your GP. If you need help, book an acute consultation with me here.

1. Aconite: if the infection seems to come on very suddenly, maybe after being out in the cold then try this remedy first. Aconite is usually most effective when used in the first 24 hours to stop the infection developing.

2. Pulsatilla: this remedy is so useful for so many illnesses that babies and children suffer from, that it’s a great one to have to hand. In conjunctivitis, Pulsatilla is needed if there is a lot of thick, sticky, yellow discharge, especially on waking. Your child may also have a cold with a similar yellowish discharge and be more clingy and tearful than usual.

3. Apis: if the eyes look red, and particularly the eyelids look swollen, then think of Apis. If your child can tell you, they may say their eyes are stinging or burning. If the conjunctivitis is caused by allergies then Apis may likely be your remedy.

4. Euphrasia: the common name of the plant that this remedy is made from is ‘Eyebright’, so you can see why Euphrasia might be helpful in conjunctivitis. Your child’s eyes will be watering a lot and they may complain that their tears feel burning or hot. They may also say their eyes feel gritty, as if there is sand in them.

5. Argentum Nit: here there is a lot of discharge from the eyes and the eyes may also be red and swollen, especially the inner canthi, or corner, of the eye.

I hope these suggestions help and clear up your little one’s conjunctivitis quickly should they develop it.

Later this week, as the sun seems to be coming out and we’re edging into summer, I’ll be talking insect bites and stings (useful for Mums and Dads too!).

If you’re enjoying these blogs and would like to feel more confident about self-prescribing for your family, join me for my next webinar, ‘Homeopathy at home: empowered Mums - healthy children’, on Wednesday July 13, 7.30-9pm (£29). Find out how to prescribe homeopathy at home, the most useful remedies to have to hand and the common ailments they can be used for.

The webinar will be recorded so you can sign up and watch later (if you’re having trouble getting your little one in bed on the day!). Just email me at to register.

Carolyn Howgego is a fully qualified homeopath with 15 years of experience of treating babies, children and adults. She owns Carolyn Howgego Homeopathy where she sees clients of all ages, from the UK and internationally, over Zoom. Go here to book a FREE Discovery Call with Carolyn, or a full consultation.

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