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All settings open @ 9am tomorrow morning.

Hopefully there's no more snow tonight... there isn't any forecast!!

We are mindful that there is a very hard frost due for the morning and we are a little concerned that the roads will be extra challenging, possibly with black ice.

With that in mind we will open all setting's tomorrow morning with a delayed start. We will open at 9am across all settings. This will allow all staff to travel in daylight.

Please note the car parks are unlikely to have been cleared and may well be very slippery (for cars as well as pedestrians, you use the paths and parking areas at all sites at your own risk).

Please allow extra time for your journeys and drive carefully.

We look forward to welcoming everyone back in tomorrow :)

(If conditions change we will Blog by 07:00 tomorrow morning, please check your email before you travel).

Kindest Regards,

Samantha Baker

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