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Outstanding Oxlease House's OFSTED Grading is revealed.

I am delighted to announce that we were inspected on the 6th March 2023 and the Inspector graded us Outstanding.

This is affirmation that the work the team at Apple Daycare Ltd is doing is really paying dividends. This is a team effort as our Qualified Teachers Geogeta and Tammy have been training all our staff to perform at this "outstanding" level (I just can't stop saying that word!!)

This report is also unique in that the Inspector made no recommendations for improvements. This was something she emphasised at inspection, as it is very unusual.

The headlines or full report below.

  • Children experience an ambitious curriculum that is bespoke to their learning needs. Staff gather detailed information about children's learning to plan for their next steps. This enables them to progress quickly in their development and helps them to reach their full potential.

  • Babies' physical development is highly promoted. Staff encourage them to stand at the side of tables to take part in activities and attentively support them. Babies lie down to watch twinkling lights on the ceiling as they listen to relaxing music. When babies become tired or upset, caring staff cuddle them and gently talk to them. Babies nestle into staff's arms as they look at books together.

  • Inspirational leaders have high ambitions for their staff and ensure that they have excellent opportunities to continue their professional development. Leaders ensure that staff have time to embed new knowledge gained from training. Staff report their morale is high, and they are proud to be part of a team that puts children at the heart of what they do.

  • Parents say that the staff at the nursery are amazing. They report how exceptionally well informed they are about their children's learning and provide very positive comments about their children's experiences at the nursery. They say that staff are supportive, approachable and always have time for them. Parents talk about their children making excellent progress with their speech in very short periods of time.

  • Children experience a highly effective settling-in procedure. Staff gather pertinent information from parents about their child, so that they know each child's likes, interests and existing routines before they start. Experienced staff recognise that each child is individual and settling-in procedures change to suit the needs of each child. This enables a positive relationship to build between the parents, child and staff.

  • The special education needs coordinator (SENCo) talks with passion about supporting children with special educational needs and/or disabilities. She puts the child and their family at the heart of her practice. The SENCo values working in partnership with parents and other professionals. Together, they review children's progress and development to make sure that children receive the support they need to help them be successful learners.

  • The highly qualified staff are aware of the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on children's development. They use their wealth of experience to support areas of concern. For example, they provide rich opportunities to support and extend children's communication and language. Children make prints with fruit and vegetable sponges. They curiously hold one up and ask what they are called. Staff explain that it is an aubergine. Children enjoy practising saying the word over and over again.

To read the full report please visit our Ofsted Reports page or Click Here

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