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Please slow down in the driveway & car parks

We have become increasingly aware that the speed some parents/carers drive onto the driveway at the House is faster than we feel is safe.

We are aware that in the morning many parents/carers have trains to catch, meetings to get to and a whole host of other very important matters to deal with.

We know that even the most organised can fall foul of the last minute request for a fresh nappy, full set of clothes or even an unexpected frosted windscreen, which can ruin a perfectly well executed morning routine.

However, when you drive on to the driveway, you should expect to find slow moving children making their way in and out of the house. We really want to make this completely safe.

So please keep your speed to the slowest you can possibly make it and protect everyone :)

With that in mind, just a couple of parking rules of the driveway, which will help get as many cars in and out of the parking area without incident.

  • please let cars out of the car park before you pull in, if someone is trying to leave.

  • please park nose into the fence on the left as you drive in [we can get 5-6 cars in there].

  • there are three bays in front of the house & garage

  • please do not park in the gate way or drive past the gate at the side of the house.


  • if it gets grid locked please ring the bell and someone will come out and resolve the situation, two sets of eyes are better than one :)

*whilst I haven't had any reports at Newgate Street, Lemsford Hall or Oxlease House... i am sure slowing down as much as you can, will be appreciated.

Kindest Regards, Samantha Baker

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