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New Security Feature for Online Drama with Lisa.

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Hi Apple Parents,

Lisa here who runs the Apple Drama sessions.  We would love you to join our interactive group classes that we have been running online for the last 5 weeks. We've had lots of time to perfect the most fun and interactive way for children to imagine, dance, sing and socialise in our weekly First Class Online Musical Theatre sessions (3-6 year olds) and Bestbeans (3 months to 3 years). 

We have also created 2 filmed musicals with our online stars! 42 children from 6 different countries took part in creating new musicals in 4 days.  Our next one for 3-6 year olds starts on May 11th.

In order to keep the groups private and your children safe we will not be sharing our zoom codes and we will be keeping the passwords and registration private.  Please contact us to register for the classes either through our website email or join our:


Private facebook group where we will be letting you know each weeks theme so you can dress up and get ready. You can see videos and photos of what we've been up to and what your child will be doing.

Here's a full list of all the Best classes for all ages. Everyone is welcome (but you do have to register).

Tuesdays 11am for 3 months to 3 years BestBeans

Wednesday evenings Youth Theatre for year 7+

Best Online Saturday Morning Musical Theatre classes with industry professionals. 11-1.15 individual sessions in singing, dancing and acting for 6-16 year olds.

Theatre School in St Albans - Best Theatre Arts Best Theatre Arts is a performing arts and theatre school based in St Albans and Hertford. We provide award-winning theatre classes for children from 3 months to 18 years.

Best School of Acting Saturday afternoons Acting Classes online for age 11+

The next bit is just for you guys....a link to some videos of the youth theatre work and the 'Zoomania' show that I produced and created during the Easter holidays.

Have a look at 'Room on the Virtual Broom' with Hugo as the Dog

Room on the Broom Best Theatre Arts' First Class Online group bring you 18 minutes of total joy!

Sorry to bombard you but all the promotion and help is extremely appreciated.  We are trying to keep everyones spirits up with lots of singing, drama and fun. Who knows when we will be able to run our shows and classes again!

Much love, care, thought and wishes to you all.

Lisa, Drew, Hugo and especially Esther

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