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LITTLE PERFORMER class this week! 10th June 2020

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Hi Everyone,

A Message from Sophie:

I have set up Little Club Parties, and they've been a big hit! This might be of interest too.

Here are the details of our LITTLE PERFORMER class this week!

🤩 Wednesday 10th June at 4pm (live on ZOOM) 🤩

Our Little Performer theme on Wednesday is CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY! ZOOM MEETING ID: 881 7052 5707 Children's info: What do you need this week?

  • Your favourite toy (plus a few more!)

  • Make your own Golden ticket

Please also ask your parents to help you listen to the song 'Pure Imagination' as we'll be singing it together in this week's class!

Here are the lyrics...

Come with me and you'll be In a world of pure imagination Take a look and you'll see Into your imagination We'll begin with a spin Traveling in the world of my creation What we'll see will defy explanation If you want to view paradise Simply look around and view it Anything you want to, do it Want to change the world? There's nothing to it

Come and join LITTLE CLUB and Charlie for this week's Choctastic adventure! See you on Wednesday! FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE VISIT OUR WEBSITE

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