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Best Theatre Art - Online Easter Drama Sessions

As a brief introduction, Lisa has been an Apple Parent since January 2015, and she delivers our Drama sessions at Newgate Street, and last year orchestrated our first summer production, of "A Midsumer Night's Dream" which was wonderful, you can see the production on our website (Link Below), her husband 'Drew runs our Circus School Sessions. Lisa has just taken a partnership with Best Theatre Arts and is keen for the Apple Children to take advantage of their online sessions next week. Please see the links below and feel free to join in if you have time. A word from Lisa, "We are running lots of interactive sessions online which would be fab for the Apple children. We are running them on zoom which means the children get to join in, we get to see them and it's a lot more involving and responsive than the facebook or youtube live stuff. Below are the links to the facebook pages and events and also to the links on our website - it would be amazing if you could share any of these with the Apple parents. The weekly sessions are free but people are welcome to donate. The week long classes and projects have a minimal fee. Best's classes online Tuesdays and Fridays at 11am for 3 months to 3 years. Singing, music, and fun. Bestbeans.

First Class: 3 - 6 Years First Class is a gentle introduction to communications skills and performance from Best Theatre Arts. Learning through play and experience is vital and your child will have the chance to try things out in an atmosphere of fun and support.

First Class - This is similar to what I do with the older ones at Apple. 3-6 years. Singing, dance and drama. There is a weekly session on Saturdays at 11am From Monday 13th April to 17th April we are running a week long project 'Room on the Virtual Broom' and we may run more. For children 6-16 we are creating an online musical in a week! From Monday 13th to 17th's going to be amazing! There will be daily classes in singing, dance and drama and we will put it all together as a film. There will be lots of things to be getting on with offline too.

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