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Parent Reminder

We should like to remind parents that approaching members of staff with the intention of employing them privately is a breach of our terms and conditions. This is a fundamental principle within our agreement.

Clause 6.5 You shall not employ (or attempt to employ) whether directly or indirectly any member of our staff without our consent, whether during the term of our agreement or for a period of six months after the end of our agreement....

Notice Periods:

Parents are required to serve a month's notice when terminating our agreement.

“Month” refers to a clear calendar month (i.e. notice received on the 1st of a month will end the agreement on the last day of that month or later, but notice received on the 2nd of a month, will end the agreement on the last day of the following month or later.

For our full Terms & Conditions please visit

We thank you for your cooperation.

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