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Music Research Project:

Updated: May 8, 2019

Apple Daycare have been approached by local music teacher Katie Neilson who is currently studying for an MA in Early Childhood Music at Birmingham City University. *(Please note we have known Katie for a long time, in fact, since Darcy & Arthur enjoyed her music class "Little B's" in Little Berkhamsted Village Hall).

Katie is interested in musical behaviour (sound making and movement) in very young children. She wants to explore recognition, acknowledgement and responses to these musical behaviours and see how musical responses change things for staff and children.

Katie will be joining us in Epping Green for our daily walk on Wednesdays over the coming few months.  As per university protocols, Katie has provided an information sheet and a consent form which can be accessed by following these links. We will also send home paper copies.

If your child attends the House on Wednesdays and you are happy for the to take part, please complete the form and return it by 18th March.

*There are also forms in the Lobby at the House, which have already been printed, we will send them home next Wednesday.

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