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Funded Care Term Dates & Covid Protocol Update:

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

Oxlease House is re-opening after its Summer Break on 6th September 2021. After what seems like a long summer we look forward to welcoming everyone back to Oxlease House. We are ready, we hope you are too.

Funded Care Term Dates for all of Apple Daycare:

Autumn Term:

6th September-22nd October 2021

[Half Term: 25th October-29th October]

1st November - 17th December 2021

Easter Term:

10th January - 11th February

[Half Term: 14th February - 18th February]

21st February - 1st April 2022.

Summer Term:

25th April - 27th May 2022

[Half Term: 30th May-3rd June]

6th June - 22nd July 2022.

We will be closed at Lemsford Hall, Newgate Street Hall and Oxlease on Thursday 5th May for a polling day, this is an event outside of our control.

Covid Protocol Update:

We are updating our Covid Protocols in line with changes to Government advice.

If your child displays any symptoms of Covid-19 DO NOT BRING THEM TO NURSERY. Instead take them for a PCR test or Isolate for 10 days. If the test is negative they may return to nursery once you have the results returned.

If a sibling/relative/household member displays symptoms DO NOT BRING YOUR CHILD TO NURSERY, until they have returned a negative PCR test result.

If someone in your household tests Positive for Covid-19 DO NOT BRING YOUR CHILD TO NURSERY, they must isolate inline with the positive case in your household.

If you or your child are considered a close contact of someone living outside of your household, if you have been double vaccinated you may bring your child to nursery.

If in doubt please please speak to the nursery before taking your child in.

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